Baby Shower Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts for Guests and Hosts

Baby Shower Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts for Guests and Hosts

A baby shower is a wonderful opportunity for friends and family to come together and celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby. However, it is important to remember that there are certain etiquette rules that guests and hosts should follow to ensure that everyone has a memorable and enjoyable experience. In this article, we will outline the dos and don'ts of baby shower etiquette for guests and hosts.

Dos for Guests

RSVP in a timely manner

When you receive an invitation to a baby shower, it is important to respond as soon as possible. This will help the host plan accordingly and ensure that there is enough food and drinks for everyone.

Follow the theme

If the baby shower has a theme, try to follow it as best as you can. This will show the host that you appreciate their effort in planning the event and that you are excited to celebrate the arrival of the new baby.

Bring a gift

It is customary to bring a gift to a baby shower. Make sure to choose something that is appropriate for the occasion and that the parents-to-be will appreciate. If you are unsure of what to bring, ask the host for suggestions. Personalized baby blankets make a perfect baby shower gift:

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Offer to help

If the host seems overwhelmed with the preparations, offer to help in any way you can. This could be anything from setting up the decorations to preparing food and drinks.

Be on time

Make sure to arrive at the baby shower on time. If you are running late, call the host to let them know. This will show that you respect their time and effort in planning the event.

Don'ts for Guests

Don't bring uninvited guests

Unless the invitation specifically states that you can bring a guest, it is not appropriate to bring someone with you to the baby shower. This can put unnecessary pressure on the host and create an uncomfortable situation.

Don't wear inappropriate attire

While a baby shower is a fun and casual event, it is important to dress appropriately. Avoid wearing anything too revealing or provocative, and make sure that your outfit is comfortable and suitable for the occasion.

Don't monopolize the conversation

While it is natural to want to catch up with friends and family at a baby shower, it is important to remember that there are other guests who also want to socialize. Make sure to share the conversation and give everyone a chance to talk.

Don't forget to thank the host

After the baby shower, make sure to thank the host for inviting you and for all of their hard work in planning the event. A simple thank you note or phone call can go a long way in showing your appreciation.

Dos for Hosts

Plan in advance

Start planning the baby shower well in advance to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Make a checklist of everything you need to do, including sending out invitations, ordering food and decorations, and preparing games and activities.

Set a budget

Decide on a budget for the baby shower and stick to it. This will help you avoid overspending and ensure that you can provide a memorable experience for everyone without breaking the bank.

Create a welcoming atmosphere

Make sure that the venue is comfortable and welcoming for all guests. Set up comfortable seating and arrange the decorations in a way that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Provide food and drinks

Make sure to provide plenty of food and drinks for all guests. Consider the dietary restrictions of your guests and provide options for those who are vegetarian, vegan, or have allergies.

Have fun games and activities

Plan some fun games and activities for guests to enjoy. This could be anything from guessing the baby's weight and due date to diaper changing races and baby food taste tests

Send thank you notes

After the baby shower, make sure to send thank you notes to all the guests who attended. This is a simple but important way to show your appreciation for their presence and their gifts.

Don'ts for Hosts

Don't exclude anyone

Make sure to invite all the guests that the parents-to-be want to have at the baby shower. Excluding someone can create hurt feelings and make the event uncomfortable for everyone.

Don't make the party too long

While it is important to provide enough time for guests to socialize and enjoy the activities, it is also important to keep the party to a reasonable length. Most baby showers last between two and three hours.

Don't ask for gifts

While it is customary for guests to bring gifts to a baby shower, it is not appropriate for hosts to ask for gifts. Simply include registry information with the invitation or provide gift ideas if guests ask.

Don't forget to introduce everyone

Make sure to introduce all the guests to each other, especially if they don't know each other. This will help everyone feel more comfortable and create a welcoming atmosphere.

In conclusion, following proper baby shower etiquette can help ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience. Guests should RSVP in a timely manner, bring a gift, and avoid wearing inappropriate attire or monopolizing the conversation. Hosts should plan in advance, set a budget, provide food and drinks, and plan fun games and activities. By following these dos and don'ts, everyone can enjoy a memorable and fun celebration of the upcoming arrival of a new baby.