About Us

About Us

Hi, I’m Catherine, the founder of Happy Vibes Mall ®. Happy Vibes Mall ® is a store in the USA that is formed to participate in the celebrations of the arrival of a new baby by bringing personalized products. We are here to give you the comforts of shopping for babies by letting you get an amazing product that showcases the love you have for that little kid.

We have a range of premium quality blankets that helps you to select the one you like the most. We introduce a customization option to ensure that you can easily customize the product you love to buy. Our experienced designers are ready to take your customized design to the next step by using pure handcrafted techniques to deliver exceptional quality at your doorstep.

At Happy Vibes Mall ®, we never go with the automation process. Instead, each design is handcrafted to ensure that you get amazing quality. This ultimately helps you to get a unique present for the special ones, or to gift it to your own newborn kid.


Our Story

Happy Vibes Mall ®, as the name suggests, is the store that lets you enjoy the happy vibes by crafting a personalized product for you. We started with an idea to celebrate the happiness of a newborn child in a unique and exciting way. Thus, we launched premium products that can be designed and customized as per your own choice. Our handcrafted designs not only deliver a unique value but also showcase the love you have for that special person.

We are motivated and passionate to add more happiness and positivity to your life by bringing products that are exceptional and timeless pieces. With us, you not only buy a product but a memory that lasts forever.