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Vintage Candle Christmas Ornaments with Name

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Radiant Glow: Personalized Vintage Candle Christmas Ornaments

A Nostalgic Flicker: Unwrap the Warmth of Memories
Illuminate your holiday season with our Vintage Candle Christmas Ornaments. The soft glow of these nostalgic candles captures the essence of warmth, making it a perfect keepsake for your baby's first Christmas.

Name in the Flame: Personalize Your Festive Glow

Flickering Moments: Your Baby's Name in Elegance
Transform your ornament into a flickering beacon of memories by personalizing it with your baby's name. Every glance at the ornament becomes a journey through the flickering moments of joy and celebration.

Holiday Elegance: Capturing the Spirit of Christmas

Watercolor Whispers: A Canvas of Festive Joy
Adorned with watercolor candles, Christmas tree branches, and festive decor, these round metal ornaments are a canvas of holiday joy. Hang them on your tree to capture the spirit of Christmas in an elegant dance of colors.